Spooky Action at Distance, Neil deGrasse Tyson, George Musser

This is not about showing off, but about being so happy and honored. I went to this lecture about one of the deepest mystery of the Universe, the Entanglement and the non locality, so incredible and far away from human minds and understanding, to make me realize how our little time on Earth and life is really not that important and how we should take things less seriously.
 Who knows me a little is aware of my immense passion for astrophysics, physics and cosmology and most of my art is impregnated by it. This is everything to me. George Musser gave a beautiful lecture about the knowledge we have so far about this topic and one of my favorite person on Earth, Neil dGT was the host. He's such a gentleman, funny, witty, outrageously intelligent and not only HE took a selfie of us, but I had the honor of having a brief conversation about particles, CERN which I recently visited and experiments. Well, this is so precious to me, this is why I live in this city, NYC,  and these are the things that really matter and inspire me. What a wonderful evening.

Dalila PasottiComment